Domain Names Servers - DNS

What is DNS?

DNS translate the domain name that you type in to your web browser into a numerical address that your computer can use to find the site you are looking for.

How do they work?  

When you type an address in to your web browser your computer consults a database (DNS server) to see if the name that you typed in matches an IP address. The database provides the numerical IP address to your computer which uses it to connect to the desired site.

What happens if the DNS doesn’t know the address of the website I am looking for? 

Well the DNS knows a lot of other DNS and it will consult the first one on its list, which in turn will consult the first one on its list until a result is found. If no DNS knows the address of the domain you typed in then you will get a page not found result.

What is Domain propagation? 

When you purchase a domain or make a change to an existing domain this information needs to be passed to all the DNS servers in the world so that everyone can find your website or send you email.

A good DNS is updated every hour, some are updated once a day which is why the changes made to your domain take some time to be seen. 

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