Skytells Guard FaceID - Overview


FaceID is a powerful AI-Powered Facial Recognition Engine provided by Skytells, Inc. before Apple, This allows you to login with your face.
This FaceID module is dedicated for Skytells Guard WordPress Plugin

FaceID Features 
  • The Ultimate Protection for your website, Your Face is your Secured Password.
  • Ability to Login with Skytells Enhanced AI FaceID with High-Level of Encryption
  • Face ID Adds Extra Layer of Protection, So Your Face is your 2nd Factor Authentication
  • Ability to Configure FaceID for each Account.
  • Ability to verify user's identities over Skytells's Cloud AI

FaceID Requirements
  • SSL Certificate - Your website must run on HTTPS protocol
  • PHP 5.6+ - Your server must be running on PHP v5.6 or later
  • Skytells Guard Pro License
  • Skytells API Key - You must have an active API Key for Skytells

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